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We at Chariho Youth Soccer wanted to give you some information regarding tryouts and the upcoming fall 2018 Soccer. Tryouts are scheduled for Monday June 18th(boys) and Wednesday June 20th(girls). It is the same time for both days. U8 is 4:45-5:30, U9/10 is 5:30-6:30, U11/12 is 6:30-7:30. The players interested in playing U13/14, please contact Danielle Buckingham for the fall competitive season.

There has been a lot of information being passed around about Westerly youth soccer program versus our program. Chariho will be charging $125 for fall travel soccer which includes the option to play recreational soccer at no additional charge; however, not a requirement. With that being said, there are some benefits to playing recreational soccer also. First, it is a lot less pressure and fun. Second, the kids who play at other levels don’t often get to use the moves they learn in practice during a game at those higher levels or with much success. Using those newly learned skills in a recreational game is the perfect place, while also teaching others around them that haven’t quite gotten to the upper levels. Finally, at the recreational level, they will be playing with the kids in their school district, and their friends. With all that being said, the option is yours at no additional cost if your child makes a competitive travel team.

Next,we will need to purchase new uniforms.  We will keep our uniform around $75 or less and strive to keep costs as low as possible. So, for a total year, fall and spring with the ability to include Fall recreational soccer, the total cost would be $250 plus $75 or less for travel uniform. There are many additional programs offered through the area for winter training and programs which we will share if you have an interest in that. They range in price from around $100-$175 for a 6-10 week program and Chariho can get the same pricing as Westerly, so doesn’t matter what town you are playing for.

Coaching at Chariho has typically been provided by many of the experienced parents we have in our district. For the past few years, some of those coaches were the technical committee for C.W. United.  We at Chariho want you as parents to decide what you think is best for your child. If you have had a coach from Westerly and you and your child is happy with that group, then we encourage you to stay with that group if you like. The same is true if you have a Chariho coach. We will not put any preference on where your child is from, but merely placing kids with similar abilities together. We encourage all of you to attend our tryouts and ask any questions you like to get the best information on where you should place your child.

Look for more information coming soon regarding the different levels of youth soccer and what they are about. Premiere, Town Travel(competitive), and recreational.