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Happy New Year! As we gear up to kick off the 2018 season, CYSA is looking
for volunteers to help with club activities. We have 5 board member opportunities which
need to be filled, most of the positions are support positions however are very important
to keep the program running smoothly and strongly. Below is a brief description of the
open board positions.

Please keep in mind that we are a 100% volunteer organization, all of us whether
on the board or help in a general sense. We are parents, family and friends of more
than 400 children in the program. We rely on each other in the CHARIHO Community
to keep this program running and current.

Assistant to the Director of Fund Raising – Support the fund raising activities to support
team sponsors, recognition and promotion of sponsors, and identifying grants for
program/ field improvements.

Director of Fields – Designs and coordinates field lay out and lining activities to support
our Recreational and Competitive Activities. Coordinates with the town to obtain
permission to use the fields and arranges proper field maintenance such as aeration
and fertilizer.

Director of Public Relations – Provide communications ensuring that pertinent
information is distributed to CYSA members, outside agencies, and/or the general
public by submitting press releases, mailing newsletters, and /or providing information to
the Website Manager.

Assistant to the Director of Registration – Assists with player ratings, team formation,
team sponsor assignment, uniform assignment and ordering and database entry and

Members-at- Large – Assist CYSA by attending meetings, helping in any area that may
require assistance, and serving on committees.

Dan Orciari
CYSA Member at Large