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CYSA has several Board of Director openings right now, but the Director of Referees position in particular needs to be filled immediately so that we can begin to prepare for the upcoming season.

The Director of Referees is responsible for coordinating and overseeing the referees, and perform duties to include:

  • Recruiting new referees
  • Coordinating training and certification for referees
  • Maintain records of certified referees, including contact information
  • Manage scheduling of referees for recreational games
  • Manage and coordinate payments to referees
  • Coordinate game-day tasks and record-keeping performed by refereed
  • Compile game records and maintain records of game results

The Director of Referees does not need to be a referee or have refereeing experience, we need someone who has skills in organizing and coordinating activities, as well as good record keeping abilities.

If anyone is interested in taking on the challenge, please reach out to any of the other directors, or call in to the next board meeting (dates, times and locations are on the calendar).

Other positions needing to be filled include:

  • Director of Equipment
  • Director of Fundraising

Additionally, there are two Member-at-Large openings which would be ideal for someone wishing to help out but unsure of how they can/want to.

Please reach out or call into the monthly meetings if you have any questions.